Did you know that all Postech piles go through the metallurgical process of hot-dip galvanizing?

Such protection ensures our screw piles durable protection against corrosion as well as an estimated useful life of a minimum 75 years. (CORBEC, Hot Dip Galvanizing, “Sustainable Development”, p.17.).

This is a major consideration when looking into screw piles. When comparing Postech Thermal Piles® to others, you need to be very aware of this to adequately compare Postech to others.

All Postech Thermal Piles® are galvanized according to ASTM A123M.

To help you get a better sense of the importance of galvanized screw piles we have compiled some advices and information you might find useful on galvanization.

What is hot-dip galvanizing?

Hot-Dip galvanizing is an industrial process which involves dipping clean steel in a basin filled with molten zinc heated to 450°C creating a metallurgical bond between steel and zinc alloys resulting in a pure layer of zinc.

The first alloy so created is as strong as the base metal. This is what gives galvanizing its excellent resistance to abrasion.

The smooth and clean outer layer of zinc absorbs shocks, while the underlying layers provide excellent corrosion protection.

Our piles are manufactured of black steel in our Sherbrooke facility.

Once welded, our piles are thoroughly washed before being dipped by our galvanizing specialist where they’ll undergo a series of physical and chemical transformations.

Finally, our Postech Screw Piles are entirely galvanized as part of a rigourous process under factory-controlled conditions.

Once galvanized they go through a final verification, then our screw piles are ready to be professionally installed by our teams for your project.

Why should you buy our galvanized screw piles?


Galvanized steel useful life is predictable (75 years and more) when the climate conditions are known. In comparison, non galvanized black steel is generally unpredictable.


Galvanic protection: in the event of a scratch to galvanized steel, the zinc coating will “sacrifice” itself to protect the steel to which it’s linked.


Less corrotion equals less waste. Because galvanized steel won’t rust, base material can be conserved. Therefore, only minor quantities of metal are reintroduced in our environment.

Galvanizing, THE added value of Postech

As you can see, our entirely galvanized Thermal Piles® give undisputable advantages to your foundations with regards to the quality of the material used, to corrosion resistance and to the ecological footprint.

Still not convinced?

Take a good look at these two pictures and imagine yourself in 10 or 15 years after your initial project. Which pile would you choose?

We believe the answer is obvious.

By doing business with us, you’re buying more than galvanized screw piles. You are securing your peace of mind knowing your project is supported on a solid and durable foundation for years to come.

Doing business with Postech is…

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