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Postech Austin Screw Pile

Ed Heppner discovered Postech Screw Piles as an alternative to concrete piles while working with an engineer on a construction project near Austin Manitoba.

On the recommendation from the engineer regarding Postech Screw Piles, Ed did some research and discovered that these screw piles were a real viable option, as these screw piles really work well in many types of soils, and cause minimal damage to the property in the installation process.

Based out of Austin Manitoba Ed Heppner along with his team of installers have successfully installed 1000’s of Postech screw piles in many applications. These Postech Screw Piles have been installed for use under modular homes and under grade beams , garages, decks, gazebos, cottages, and commercial applications.

Mr. Heppner is proud to be a dealer for Postech Screw Piles and has served many customers in Western Manitoba. Ed is a member of the Austin and District Chamber of Commerce and loves to see progress in the community and all around the region.

Ed along with his wife Esther have 3 girls and 2 son in laws and 4 grandchildren. Ed likes to keep an attitude that “Life is Full, Life is Good ” enjoy life and celebrate it.

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