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Postech Winnipeg Screw Pile

Searching for a business opportunity, Mr. Higgins’ initial overview of the Postech business and products, found many of the desired qualities/ingredients in seeking to serve as a foundation on which he would build a successful company.

This Winnipeg native, already extensively involved with the Aboriginal communities surrounding Winnipeg, through his previous position as executive recruiter at Higgins International, has networked himself to great success with Postech.

Stan takes great pride in everything that he does, often going above and beyond the call of duty.  Professional service and installation is his main concern. One good example is that although building code states that 7 foot piles are sufficient, and local engineers testify that frost line can be as deep as 8 feet, Stan’s team carries only 10 foot piles, therefore ensuring that all installations are anchored well below the frost line, guaranteeing against movement due to frost heaving. He offers his customers innovative and insightful alternatives to concrete.  One of his first installations was larger piles for boardwalk access ramps in early 2012.

Stan enjoys a variety of sports such as golf, tennis, hockey and baseball as well as home renovation and real estate investment.

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