Vistech Cap Rouge – Ancienne Lorette

Normand & Luc


Beauport, QC

R.B.Q. : 5700-3402-01



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Vistech Cap-Rouge / L’Ancienne-Lorette has offered quality installations and unequalled service in the Cap-Rouge & L’Ancienne-Lorette regions for many years.

Normand and Luc Boudreault operate Vistech Cap-Rouge / L’Ancienne-Lorette and are entrepreneurs at heart. Also owners of the Vistech Ville de Québec and Vistech Charlevoix / Côte-de-Beaupré franchises, the brothers believe in offering their clients one of the best guarantees on the market and an excellent quality/price point. They are also constantly improving their technique and wish to offer the best solution to their customers.

Vistech Cap-Rouge / L’Ancienne-Lorette excels whether the challenges are simple or complex. It is worth noting that several beautiful projects on Vistech screw piles have been carried out by the Boudreault brothers and their team in the Cap-Rouge & L’Ancienne-Lorette regions since first joining Vistech.

Contractors in Cap-Rouge & L’Ancienne-Lorette, which are famous for the high quality of their work, use Vistech piles in their projects to enable them to start on a solid foundation!

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