CBC News – ‘Our busiest year yet’: Contractor says more residents installing screw piles to mitigate overland flooding

As water levels increase, residents are going to private contractors to combat flooding

Picture : CBC – news

Driving along Riverside Drive in Windsor, Ont., shows high water levels and flooded fields — but it also shows construction. Houses continue to be built in neighbourhoods like East Riverside despite calls from current residents for improved flood protection systems.

This means work for some companies has gone up — especially companies who install a flood protection system such as screw piles.

Screw piles are a ground anchoring system that allow for load-bearance to be transferred away from the structure itself onto the pile.

Home builds while flood concerns are high have made it the “busiest year yet” for a company like Postech Screw Piles, a Quebec owned company with a branch in Windsor…   READ MORE 

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