Postech Roadtrip

Postech Niagara

Joncas, P. Eng.

Pelham, ON, L0S 1E5

Cell.: 905-380-0409

Ray Joncas, P. Eng.


Sunny Niagara

For their first stop in Ontario, the #Postechroadtrip team headed to Niagara Falls, home of @PostechNiagara dealer Ray Joncas.

Ray, an engineer by trade who had worked all around the country over the past decade before settling in the region with his family two years ago, has done a great job establishing his reputation in the area with local contractors and homeowners.

With his friendly and professional personnality and the utmost care he takes of his customers’ backyards, Ray has quickly been able to complete projects as beautiful and spectacular as the well-renowned falls of his area.

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