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Andy Theoret


The R.V.’s in the Prairies

After leaving Manitoba, the Postech road trip team stopped in Saskatchewan. They went to Saskatoon to meet Andy Theoret, our local Postech dealer for the area.

A very special project awaited them. Andy showed them a project he is very proud of. The dock of the famous Prairie Lily, cruise ship for visitors coming to Saskatoon. The challenge was to find a way to hold the boat’s dock, without damaging the shore… So, he needed to find a way to screw the piles down from the river. Andy, resourceful as he is, decided to put the excavator on a barge so that he could put the piles on without having to drive along the shore! Clever, isn’t it?

He explained that it is a very well maintained and fragile ecosystem, so it was very important not to touch the riverbed, the shore or the trails. He was then authorized to proceed with the project, since the installation of the piles would respect the fauna and flora of the riverbanks.

And speaking of marine life, Andy knows a thing or two about it, as he is an experienced fisherman himself! He and his wife, Carmen, take great pleasure in finding themselves in the calm and peace of the middle of a lake to fish. It’s a way for them to stay in touch with nature. And they are indeed well served, because Saskatchewan is very generous when it comes to lakes!

All in all, this was a nice meeting with a charming couple that the team will not soon forget.

Now that the R.V. has taken advantage of the Prairies and its lakes, it is time to take a little altitude. Next stop: the Canadian Rockies!

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