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Steve Frisch


Traditions and Kayaking in Victoria

The road trip team recently reached Victoria, BC, in the very west part of the country, where the very friendly Steve Frisch, our Postech Victoria dealer there, was waiting for them with his son Hayden.

For the occasion, Steve and Hayden invited them to the construction site of a waterfront house built almost entirely on Postech piles and whose underlying soil initially contained many First Nations artifacts. The involvement of archaeologists and members of the local community was necessary in order to respect this rich legacy.

Afterwards, the whole group went kayaking with Jean Routhier, President and CEO of Vistech-Postech, who had made the trip to Victoria. A great way to admire the many seals that rested on the rocks… and to see Steve’s prowess in kayaking, as he is a former Olympic champion in rowing!

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